Hi! My name is Ginevra.

Hi! My name is Ginevra, and I work in a button factory, I got a wife and a kid and a fam-i-ly, one day my boss said, hey, are you busy, I said no...

No, no, wait that's something else.  Let's try again:

Hi! My name is Ginevra, and this is Ginsaypa. I was born in Australia, raised in San Francisco and spent summers in the South of France.  I have a weird (unique?) name and a degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley.  I am passionate about Design, Art, Decor, Fashion, and healthy food. I have travelled extensively in Europe, including France, Italy, Spain, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Austria. And, I'm a bit obsessed with English and French history and design.

I started Ginsaypa because I realized there are wide range of things that I know, and it might be nice to put them all in one place, so that you can know them too.  Maybe you know some of these things, maybe you know all of these things, either way, they are here and are for you.  

So maybe you know that Alessandro Michele wears socks with his Gucci loafers, that John Galliano's rabbi was at his first show for Maison Martin Margiela, that Frank Gehry punched a hole in the ceiling of his house in Santa Monica to make a skylight, that Herzog and de Meuron make walls out of rocks, that a tag is different from  a piece is different from a throw-up, that a Titian Blue varies from a Bronzino blue, that coconut oil and sweet potato and five spice makes for amazing pound cake, that exercise is what creates new neurons in your brain which is why babies are always kicking, that Paris and London never get old, that Charles and Ray Eames lived in a house that was anything but minimalist, that Ferruccio Laviani modeled his Bourgie on an old lamp in his house, that my name is Ginevra and also a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, and if you want to know my politics, as the consummate child of the 90's let me just quote Cher Horowitz and say "May I remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty?" So there you go, Ginsaypa in a nutshell or a paragraph, really. Thank you and Good Night.  Or Good Morning, depending on where you live.

xoxo, Ginevra